The HDS-LEE Network

HDS-LEE as a strong partner in the Rhineland cooperates with many graduate programs and research training groups of the Helmholtz centers or universities. Get to know all our partners here.


Helmholtz has founded the "Helmholtz Incubator" to tackle the opportunities and challenges arising from developments in the information and data sciences. The "Helmholtz Incubator" is a think tank with 40 high-ranking information and data scientists from all centers. Since 2016, they have been working together to develop ideas and strategies that benefit the entire Helmholtz Association - across research fields and centers.

For more Information, see this flyer and visit the website.


Despite HDS-LEE, several Helmholtz Data Science graduate schools (HIDSS) were founded as part of the incubator activity. Their focus is quite diverse, from Marine Data Science to Health to Astronomy, Space & Planetary Research:

The overarching head of these graduate schools is Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA).

As part of the JARA Center for Simulation and Data Sciences (JARA-CSD), HDS-LEE strongly cooperates with the School for Simulation and Data Science (SSD) and further RWTH Aachen Graduate Schools:

Through its affiliation with FZJ, HDS-LEE cooperates closely with the following graduate schools:

Another important partner is the University of Cologne with the Graduate Schools of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.