Seminar Series

In the HDS-LEE Seminar Series, data science experts from the application areas Life, Earth and Energy are invited to present the current state of their research to interested researchers. The goal is that the doctoral students get to know the experts in the individual fields and have the opportunity to interact and discuss with them. As part of it, the “Covid Data Science Seminar” series was launched to present the current state of Covid-19 research from a data science perspective and to create possible ideas and collaborations to contribute to Covid-19 research. You can find our program here.

Lectures on Data Science

In the Lectures on Data Science Series, our doctoral students are taught all essential elements of data science and receive a broad overview of the methods and applications of data science in the domains Life, Earth and Energy. The lectures are given by the HDS-LEE PIs or other experts. In several courses hands-on sessions are offered to deepen the knowledge. Several lectures are open to researchers not funded by HDS-LEE. You can find our program here.

Internal Retreat

The annual internal two-day retreat is designed as a platform where HDS-LEE doctoral students can inform each other about their latest research results and open issues. It is a forum for knowledge transfer and information exchange and is intended to foster collaboration. It follows a Docs-for-Docs concept, where doctoral students select content and conference style. Doctoral students give presentations on current research topics (both results and open issues). As part of the retreat, a social program and site/institute visits will take place. You can find our program here.

External Events

Doctoral students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge through a variety of external lectures, courses, summer schools, workshops, etc. Our partners and the Helmholtz Association offer a wide range of training courses in various fields of data science. Here are some examples.