Principal Investigators

Wolfgang Wiechert

Systems Biotechnology

Achim Basermann

High-Performance Computing

Axel Klawonn

Data-Integrated and Data-Driven Simulation and Modeling

Julia Kowalski


Alexander Mitsos

Design and operation of energy and chemical systems

Giulia Rossetti

Computational molecular medicine

Dierk Raabe

Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design

Andreas Schuppert

Data Driven Modeling in Computational Biomedicine

Astrid Kiendler-Scharr

Atmospheric composition Data and Modelling

Marek Behr

Computational Analysis of Technical Systems

Harry Vereecken

Modelling terrestrial systems

Martin Grohe

Logic and the Theory of Discrete Systems

Sonja Grün

Statistical Neuroscience

Stefan Blügel

Quantum Theory of Materials

Raul Tempone

Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification

Ira Assent

Algorithms for massive datasets

Dirk Witthaut

Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation

Benjamin Berkels

Mathematical Image and Signal Processing

Holger Gohlke

Computational Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Molecular Bioinformatics

Björn Usadel

Bioinformatics, Cell Walls & Secondary Metabolites

Stefan Decker

Information Systems and Databases

Associated Principal Investigators

Irmgard Niemeyer

Nuclear Safeguards and Security

Michael Herty

Kinetic Differential Equations

Mercedes Alfonso Prieto

Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Senses

Andreas Lintermann

Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids Engineering


Wolfgang Wiechert

Systems Biotechnology

Alexander Mitsos

Design and operation of energy and chemical systems