Transferable skill course:

Management of a Doctoral Project

Tuesday, 08.11. - Wednesday, 09.11.2022 · whole day

Management of a Doctoral Project

The successful execution of a doctoral project requires a high level of professional competence. One element of this is the efficient organization and use of the scarce resources available. Another factor in success is proactive communication with the supervisor and within project teams. This workshop imparts effective project and time management tools so that doctoral researchers can use their time optimally and successfully advance their research. In addition, the participants acquire basic knowledge in the areas of constructive communication and teamwork. Furthermore, important topics, such as the basics of advanced self-management, the intercultural dimension of successful communication and resilience in dealing with setbacks, are taught. The aim of the course is to equip the participants with management techniques, communicative tools, and reflected self-knowledge, so that they can hit the ground running.
The methodology of the workshop is based on two basic principles of interactive training: “You learn more outside the comfort zone” and “Experience makes you wise - reflection on your own experience makes you even wiser”. Therefore, the course consistently focuses on practical simulations and reflection on the importance of one’s own experiences for everyday project work. In addition, all units contain suggestions for the systematic deepening of the learned concepts and advice.

Main topics

  • Basics of project and time management
  • Self-management in creativity, efficiency and productivity
  • Constructive communication strategies with supervisors and within project teams
  • Feedback
  • Team dynamics
  • Impact of intercultural differences on cooperation
  • Typical crises and pitfalls during a dissertation project


  • Interactive lectures and plenaries
  • Moderated group discussions and review sessions
  • Activities in order to learn from first-hand experience in a safe, yet challenging course environment
  • Learning handout which will be offered to aid the training process of participants
  • Encouragement to establish ongoing support from their learning groups to enable continuing networking, mentoring, and further group interactions

Trainer: Dr. Alexander Schiller

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