Transferable skill course:

Scientific Writing

Thursday, 02.06. - Friday, 03.06.2022 · whole day

Scientific Writing

The workshop supports doctoral researchers in the challenging tasks associated with producing scientific texts. Participants reflect on their own approaches to writing and develop professional strategies to deal with the difficulties and challenges they encounter in their writing processes. Participants get to know specific methods and techniques that they can transfer to their ongoing writing projects immediately and that facilitate effective, efficient, and successful professional writing. In addition, they get to know and discuss standards and prerequisites of getting papers published in international journals. Issues of correct, clear and appropriate language and style receive attention, too.
After the two-day workshop, participants produce a scientific text (e.g., an abstract) based on what they have learned and practiced in the workshop. They receive individual text feedback from the trainer, as well as writing coaching based on their personal writing strategies and the stage of their current research and writing processes. This ensures that participants can transfer the workshop contents into their daily work routines, to become more confident, reflexive, and successful writers in their fields of research.


  • Participants learn to organise their research and writing processes effectively and efficiently,
  • get to know and apply various techniques for structuring, writing, and revising scientific texts,
  • learn to develop focused, structured texts with clear lines of argument,
  • get to know and are enabled to reflect on standards and rules for publishing in international, English-medium journals,
  • learn to recognise and use appropriate, professional writing styles and wording for international publications,
  • learn to give and receive professional, constructive text feedback,
  • use their insights from the workshop to produce short professional scientific texts (e.g., abstracts), and
  • revise and improve their own texts, based on individual feedback from the trainer.

Main topics

  • a professional approach to the process of academic writing
  • useful techniques for getting started, finding and organising ideas
  • structuring and presenting information in comprehensive and reader-friendly ways
  • useful academic vocabulary for presenting ideas and arguments by other authors
  • language matters: avoiding typical problems in formal written English
  • giving and receiving constructive text feedback
  • revising and improving scientific texts
  • scientific writing: useful resources


  • individual and small group exercises (writing, reflecting, discussing)
  • plenary discussions
  • trainer input

Trainer: Dr. Vera Leberecht

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