Seminar Series:

Data-driven Modeling and Simulation of Blood Flow: Thematic and Personal Insights Into my PhD Project

Monday, 24.06.2024 · 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

HDS-LEE doctoral researcher Natalie Kubicki will talk about her career and give personal insights into why she decided to pursue a PhD. The talk takes place as part of the SSD Seminar Series at Seminar room 115 in Rogowski Building, RWTH, and online.

Do I want to pursue a PhD? In this talk, as a former CES student, I will outline the path that led me to my current PhD position and how I answered this question for myself. I will review the different phases of my CES studies and highlight how I can use much of the knowledge I gained during that time today. In particular, I will also discuss my current research topic, blood flow modeling, where I am investigating how data-driven techniques can be used to bridge the gap between macroscopic and microscopic simulation of blood flow. Beyond that, I will discuss the challenges I encountered during my PhD project so far and how I overcame some of them.

With this presentation, I will not only provide insights into my research, but also share personal experiences.